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Wolfe Sunday - Wolfe Sunday

Released  14th July 2017   -   Beth Shalom Records

When I saw that Laurence “Wolfe Sunday” Crow was looking for people to review his new album, I really wanted to but at the same time I didn't want to be that bloke reviewing their mates CD and everyone thinking the review is worthless (the issue being that with my band Mr Happy Chainsaw have played several gigs with Wolfe Sunday), so I volunteered to do so but made it clear that I would be totally honest in my critique. Brutal if need be, people who know me know that this is normally the case anyway.

Before listening to the tracks I had some trepidations. A big part of why Wolfe Sunday is so endearing and entertaining is his live performance. How would the energy, humour and charm of one of his gigs translate to CD? Well the simple answer is it just does.

Listening to this album from start to end, with the exception of “English Water” (which is a beautifully heartfelt and eerie folk ballad which portrays the heartache of a non-returning seafarer from the perspective of the loved one left behind) you can’t help but listen to this CD with a grin and a spring in your step.

This album has this magical power to draw you in and grip you. Laurence’s clever and funny lyrics manage to make you feel as if he has taken the pages of your own diary and made them into catchy and enjoyable tunes. Not only can you relate to his songs that make you reminisce of times of yonder year, the most impressive aspect of his songwriting is that regardless of whether those memories are good or bad after listening to him deliver them in his witty and thought provoking manner you feel happy about the experience.

Whether its songs like "Damage Control" which relay the tale of repetitive houses parties, "Making Memories" which documents partners which have come and gone and the varying reasons why or "I Spend More Time at Service Stations than on Stage" which explains the tough times had by aspiring musicians on tour you will find a hook or line that sticks in your head and will make you come back for more. In my case I've listened through over 5 times since receiving it towards the tail end of last week.

Alongside the tracks I was also sent the artwork for Wolfe Sunday’s self-titled album. The front cover is an extremely well painted portrait of Laurence, although the likeness is apparent it still for me lacks something. I tried to think why and I have come to the conclusion that I am so used to seeing Wolfe Sunday’s raucous and energetic set that seeing a calm and contemplative portrait of Laurence seems a little weird. But when your only criticism is that the artwork could have had a slightly better likeness to the artist then you know that said artist is onto a winner musically.

Overall this is a great singalong album from a lovely genuine bloke. If you want to listen for yourself and make up your own mind order Wolfe Sunday – Wolfe Sunday now on the link below and if you fancy heading to Dover on 14th July 2017 for the CD Launch event at My Gallery you can buy it in person and see what I mean about his brilliant energetic set.

Beth Shalom Records - Wolfe Sunday Album

Reviewed by Martin Richardson


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