How did CALMival 2019 go?

Monday 28th January 2019 - 18:04







































Bloody hell, you guys are absolutely amazing. 

In total we raised £734.34 on Saturday at The Wheatsheaf Chelmsford all in aid for Mental Health Charity The CALMzone.

Thank you all very much for your generosity.



Mr Happy Chainsaw

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Sunday 27th January 2019 - 19:43

I've had a chance to reflect on the events of yesterday and to be honest I am still utterly overwhelmed by everybody's response to an event that myself, my family and the rest of Mr Happy Chainsaw threw together relatively quickly.


First and foremost I would like to thank the main man behind the desk from Peace Productions and frontman of Fatality Josh "Jabbott" Abbott because although I (Martin) ended up getting the thanks and appreciation from everyone, if it wasn't for Josh the event would not have run anywhere near as smoothly as it did. He organised the bands, the changeovers and made sure the sound was on point. Josh is an absolute star and together we will definitely be bringing you more local events.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Lee Prile and The Wheatsheaf Chelmsford for believing in what we envisaged and supporting us 100% in arranging CALMival. From providing the venue to selling "CALMival Ale" to raise extra money for the cause, The Wheaty are absolute legends.

Another huge thanks to Essex Recording Studios for providing the PA free of charge and helping us load and unload all the equipment.

An even huger round of applause and every single plaudit possible for the bands who made yesterday possible. Leon Helsby, Laurence CrowAudrey Ripper3 Foot High, Fatality, Shooty and the Bang BangLemoncurd KidsCounties and Kaine for all giving up their time, helping us promote the event, rocking the absolute socks off Chelmsford and giving everyone a reason to turn up to The Wheaty on a cold miserable Saturday in January.

A massive thanks to Cram Duplication for printing Mr Happy Chainsaw's single which was released to raise money for The CALMzone, not only expressly doing them as I forgot to send them the artwork but also not taking the money for them and instead donating it to the Charity.

A big thank you to my girlfriend Bex and her business By Hand May'd for the CALMival T Shirts, Laurence Crow Illustration for the Poster and Logos designs, Sam Reeves for coming down and taking awesome photos of the bands and all the volunteers and helpers at the event.

And finally a massive thank you to you the attendees. Everybody got involved, donated and generally supported the hell out of the event. It sounds Cliché but if it wasn't for you guys this post today would be very different indeed and instead of us providing the Charity with a decent sum of money, it could of easily been an apology note. Thanks to you CALM will be able to assist many more people in their hour of need and I would like to personally thank you for that.

I hope you all don't mind, after not getting home until the early hours I've taken a day to do absolutely nothing today as I'm sure you can all appreciate, CALMival 2019 has taken up alot of my spare time over the past month or so, so subsequently I haven't counted up all the money that was donated yesterday but what I can tell you is that on first glimpse you've all outdone yourself. I will be counting it all up tomorrow and will let you all know how "We" did. (We as in, us, you and everyone who made yesterday possible).

Thank you all again, much love to you all, if I've missed anyone off then please accept my apologies and you know your effort was appreciated.

Yours sincerely and absolutely humbly

Mr Happy Chainsaw
Chainsaw Records

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